Royal 162

There’s this thing with gravel events. You send in a postcard months in advance. It’s usually deep in the winter. You’re dreaming of summer. You’re eager to put training plans into place to meet this year’s goal. And then, life happens…as do long-winded race write-ups… This year, rather than making a third year in a … Continue reading »

My Year 2013

In past years, I’ve waited to debut “My Year” until the Home Grown Film Festival´╗┐, but this year, I wanted to share it as soon as it was completed. 2013 was a year of personal growth, strong friendships, new friendships, adventure, travel, and lots of bike rides. In some cases, it was simple to find … Continue reading »


9 Flats Road Must’ve had thorns somewhere Sweet dirt Miles and miles of dirt Abandoned house near Dorchester North face. Note the lack of windows. Back (West) side, with the bridge in the background. This was a couple weeks ago, a much-needed break in the final push to finish my thesis.

What is citizenship?

As the deadline to file taxes approaches, think for a minute about what it means for some of your neighbors. One view from Lincoln:  When these model non-citizens are responsibly filing their taxes in a country that continues to refuse to recognize them (unless we need their $), what’s the point? You may ask why … Continue reading »

It’s not about self-esteem

From Gloria Ladson-Billings, 2006: “Our supreme reliance on individuals means that we look at students as individually responsible for their success in school. We lack complex understandings of how individual, family, community, school, and societal factors interact to create school failure for some students. It is much easier to explain students’ failure by looking at … Continue reading »