My Week

My Vimeo page is mostly a home for a series called “My Week,” which I have been doing since April 2009. Every day, I shoot at least a few seconds of video on a pocket camera. I then edit together and post a short documentary of the preceding week.

At the end of each year, I go back through the footage from the whole year, narrowing the selection to just one second per day.

My Year, 2013 from nocoastfilms on Vimeo.

Just shy of one year in to producing the series, I presented at Pecha Kucha Lincoln about the process and vision behind the series.

Pecha Kucha Lincoln #1: My Week from nocoastfilms on Vimeo.

While I was very rigid about editing on Monday mornings for the first few years, the edits tend to come in bunches of a month or so at a time. I transitioned from a pocket camera to shooting on an iPhone in 2015.