Cycling Advocacy

In 2006, I started riding a bike to work. I also started riding it for fun that summer, making new friends and riding around town. While I went on a few longer charity rides in 2008, it was 2009 that solidified my identity as a wee bit bike-obsessed. I went on the 7-day Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska, entered the newly founded Lincoln Hustle alleycat races, and hopped into my first cyclocross race on a dare that fall.

The bike liberated me from the mundane routine of office work, and much as it did for early feminist pioneers, it helped me establish my identity as an independent woman.

I am a proud co-founder of Sheclismo, an all-women’s organization headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. I also served as Vice President of BicycLincoln, the League of American Bicyclists member organization and local advocacy board in the city of Lincoln from 2012-2014. I have testified in front of city and state government on behalf of cyclists — especially women and children — in advocating for better, safer infrastructure for people traveling by bicycle.

After moving to Philadelphia in 2014, I joined forces with Michelle Lee to directĀ Women Bike PHL Devo, a six-week intensive coaching and mentoring road racing development program for beginner women. I also became a founding member of Team Laser Cats, an all-women’s cycling team that combines racing with community buildingĀ and advocacy.

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