Elisabeth Reinkordt

I help teams and organizations thrive with content strategy that tells good stories.

My name is Elisabeth Reinkordt. I make documentaries related to education, public policy, community building, and stories from everyday life. I work in university communications as a web content strategist and social media director. I’m an analyst with a love for discussion, and a believer that nothing makes a better argument than a well-told story. I spend a lot of time on my bicycle, and try to always have a camera at hand.

portrait of Elisabeth Reinkordt

I excel when I’m:
Leading groups in strategic planning
Communicating complex ideas in engaging ways
Organizing website content for a better user experience
Developing brand/organizational voice
Leveraging social media through content development and community engagement

Key areas of expertise:
Strategic communications, web content organization, social media strategy, user-centered content, and accessible digital content.
Education policy, higher education, and state and local policy climates.
Film theory, documentary theory, and semiotics.
Cycling/Bicycle infrastructure advocacy, group/individual bicycle skills coaching.

*Ed Note: Much like old expression that a road trip is a bus driver’s holiday, this website is more of an ongoing collection of various aspects of my professional and personal life, not my signature work as a web strategist. Please contact me if you’re interested in seeing a professional portfolio!