Work in Progress: Elisabeth Reinkordt

What does it mean to develop a community? And how, as human cultural history evolves, do we make sense of place? How do we share our stories of lived experience? Education, whether through telling of stories around a firepit or in a school classroom, has always been a part of the human experience. I believe in education as the bedrock of a democratic society, and I believe in the power of education done democratically.

The technological revolution has significantly changed the domain of media representation, simplifying the process and increasing access to means of production. My aim as a media artist is to engage new media production with a careful eye to media and cultural theory to inform my work. I am particularly interested in applying my knowledge of theory and production practices in educational settings, asking students to question modes of representation they encounter and reproduce.

As a researcher and policy analyst, I aim to integrate my background in media production and theory into study of education systems, alternative models of education, and education’s interface with the broader landscape of public policy. My background in political campaign work and political writing – coupled with my work as a community activist – allows me to bring the realms of academia and public policy closer together. My teaching experience has been almost entirely outside of the traditional classroom; I bring experience as a professional developer, cycling instructor, arts outreach specialist, and community activist to my research in education policy and media criticism.

No Coast Films has been my production label since 2004, when I decided to move back to Lincoln, Nebraska, after completing my undergraduate degree at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. I found I missed the Great Plains, the open skies, the endless horizons, the peace of the countryside. And I missed the deeply networked community of Lincoln, a place brimming with the excitement of good people doing good things.

After completing my Master’s thesis in Education Policy, Practice and Analysis at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in May 2014, I decided that while Lincoln will always be home, I needed to explore my investment in community in new places.

Currently, I’m laying the groundwork for taking this venture in new directions. Explore, leave me a note, and stay tuned.

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