What is citizenship?

As the deadline to file taxes approaches, think for a minute about what it means for some of your neighbors. One view from Lincoln

When these model non-citizens are responsibly filing their taxes in a country that continues to refuse to recognize them (unless we need their $), what’s the point? You may ask why they are filing at all. It’s to be in good standing while hoping for a reform that would possibly provide them a pathway to citizenship, allowing them the benefits they are denied now based on a technicality. I say technicality (legal status) because they are as citizen-like as any of us. They own a home, their kids go to my neighborhood schools (for which they pay property tax), they live down the block from me, Lucia works at a restaurant I frequent, they bought a new car last year. You know: America, right?

My friend Aaron volunteers as an interpreter and tax filing assistant. I am proud to call him a friend. Thank you, Aaron, for what you do for our community. And thank you for speaking for many of us who agree with you, sharing your gratitude with Lucia and Esteban.  

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