Academic Work/C.V.

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Statement of Intent

What does it mean to develop a community? And how, as human cultural history evolves, do we make sense of place? How do we share our stories of lived experience? Education, whether through telling of stories around a firepit or in a school classroom, has always been a part of the human experience. I believe in education as the bedrock of a democratic society, and I believe in the power of education done democratically.

The technological revolution has significantly changed the domain of media representation, simplifying the process and increasing access to means of production. In my work as media artist, I engage new media production with a careful eye to media and cultural theory. I am particularly interested in applying my knowledge of theory and production practices in educational settings, asking students and media consumers to question modes of representation they encounter and reproduce.

As a researcher and policy analyst, I integrate my background in media production and theory into study of education systems, alternative models of education, and education’s interface with the broader landscape of public policy. My background in political campaign work and political writing – coupled with my work as a community activist – allows me to bring the realms of academia and public policy closer together. My teaching experience has been almost entirely outside of the traditional classroom; I bring experience as a professional developer, cycling instructor, arts outreach specialist, and community activist to my work in education policy and education communications.

No Coast Films has been my production label since 2004, when I decided to move back to Lincoln, Nebraska, after completing my undergraduate degree at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. I found I missed the Great Plains, the open skies, the endless horizons, the peace of the countryside. Whether I am in Nebraska or elsewhere, the prairie will always feel like home. 


M.A. Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2014. Concentration: Education Policy, Practice, and Analysis. Thesis: What Did You Learn In School Today?: The Recursive Relationship Between Education Policy and Education Coverage in the Media.


How does the public learn about issues in contemporary education policy? While changes in the economics of the media industry have shifted the mass media landscape, local communities continue to receive information about the state of their local schools primarily through local newspapers or television stations. It is arguably the most important task of a local paper to provide education coverage, as the schools are often the primary beneficiary of local tax revenues. This thesis reviews the literature surrounding the interface between education reporting and the crafting of education policy, examines the way in which education stories are framed by the media, and then assesses the skills, needs, and resources available to education journalists as it outlines limitations to robust coverage.

Adviser: Edmund Hamann

B.A. Modern Culture and Media, Brown University, 2005. Emphasis in Feminist Film Theory and Documentary Film Production, magna cum laude. Senior production honors for documentary feature, Living With The Land: Sustainable Agriculture in Nebraska.

 Professional Experience

   Content Strategist, OHO Interactive 2021-Present
   Senior Communications Specialist, Director of Social Media and Web Content (previously, Senior Media Producer, Digital Communications Manager, Staff Writer), University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education 2014-2021
   Graduate Research Assistant, Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2012-2014
   Communications Specialist, Staff Correspondent, Nebraska Council of School Administrators 2011-2014
   Video Producer & Consultant, Mini-Course in Mixed Methods Research with Dr. John Creswell, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2013
   Multimedia Specialist, Professional Development Specialist in K-12 Video Production, Nebraska Department of Education 2006-2012
   New Media Strategist, Hahn for Governor Campaign 2006
   Undergraduate Teaching and Research Assistant, Departments of German and Modern Culture and Media, Brown University 2002-2005

Publications/Feature Films/Presentations/Installations

•  Reinkordt, Elisabeth. (2020, August). The Politics of a Website Redesign. eduWeb Annual Summit. Lecture conducted from Philadelphia, PA.
*Winner, Best in Track presentation
•  Mudge, Taryn, Reinkordt, Elisabeth. (2016, October). Channel Your Confidence Through Movement. Moore College of Art Women’s Leadership Conference. Lecture conducted from Philadelphia, PA. 2016
• Reinkordt, Elisabeth (2015, February). Aesthetic Ethnography and Youth Media Production: How Six High School Students in Crete, Nebraska, Became Filmmakers. 36th Annual Ethnography in Education Forum at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. Lecture conducted from Philadelphia, PA. 2015
   Miles to Go, documentary feature film. Producer/Editor. 2014
   Albracht, Carolyn, Reinkordt, Elisabeth, Rivero, Ana. (2014, June). Sustainable High School Reform in Nebraska. Alternative Education Resource Organization. Lecture conducted from Brookville, N.Y. 2014
   Reinkordt, Elisabeth. (2014, March). Cyclocross School: How Sheclismo Grew Women’s Cycling in Nebraska through Intensive Education Efforts and Community Building. National Bike Summit. Lecture conducted from Washington, D.C. 2014
   Reinkordt, Elisabeth (2014, February). Co-Creator Conversations: BicycLincoln and the Homegrown Film Festival. Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Group. Lecture conducted from Vega, Lincoln, NE. 2014
   Reinkordt, Elisabeth. (2013, August). Gravel Adventures by Bicycle. Ignite Lincoln. Lecture conducted from Rococo Theater, Lincoln, NE. 2013
   Reinkordt, Elisabeth (2012), Preserving Nebraska’s Community-Based Schooling Through Technology.  Lincoln, NE: Nebraska Department of Education. 2012
   Reinkordt, Elisabeth. (2012, February). How Students Became Filmmakers in When We Stop Counting. Pecha Kucha Lincoln #6. Lecture conducted from Bourbon Theatre, Lincoln, NE. 2012
   Reinkordt, Elisabeth. (2010, February). Adventures in Self-Documentation: The My Week Video Series. Pecha Kucha Lincoln #1. Lecture conducted from Bourbon Theatre, Lincoln, NE. 2010
   When We Stop Counting, documentary feature film. Producer/Director/Editor. 2010
   Guest lecturer/discussion facilitator at numerous screenings of When We Stop Counting at schools, conferences, and community screenings across Nebraska. 2010-2014
Poteat, Joshua, Reinkordt, Elisabeth, Ventura, Robert (2009), For Gabriel, art installation, Best in Show.  InLight Richmond. Richmond, VA. 2009
   Reinkordt, Elisabeth (2009), Native Wines, New Connections. In Youth: Renewing the Countryside (pp. 119-121). St. Paul: SARE 2009
   Living With The Land, documentary feature film. Producer/Director/Editor. 2005
   A list of gallery exhibitions, screenings, and festival selections available upon request 2003-2014

Grants and Fellowships

·Cooper Foundation Media Production Major Grant (2014), Lincoln, NE, for the editing and post-production of Miles to Go: Women Activists Reflect on the Road Traveled, a feature-length oral history documentary of women involved in the women’s movement of the 1970s and 1980s in Nebraska. Premiering September 2014.

·Nebraska Humanities Council Media Production Major Grant, Lincoln, NE, for the production of When We Stop Counting, a feature-length documentary about Latino high school students in Crete, NE, and the school/community response to demographic change. Premiered October 2010 at Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center, Lincoln, NE; statewide public television broadcast June 2011.

·  Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society Production Grant, Lincoln, NE, for the production of Living With The Land, about sustainable agriculture in Nebraska. Premiered at Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center, Lincoln, NE, in January 2005; Cable Car Cinema, Providence, RI, in May 2005. Awarded the Weston Fine Arts Award for Film/Video Production, April 2005.

·  C.V. Starr National Service Fellowship, Providence, RI, to research organizational structure of community radio stations, develop community outreach strategies, and assist in the transition of Brown Student Radio from a student-only station to a station merging students and the Providence community in independent, free-form radio production, Summer 2004.

·  Brown Summer High School/Childreach Liaison, Video Editor for the Arts-Literacy Project of Brown University’s Education Department. Worked with two international filmmakers from Kenya and India, assisting in video instruction for Providence youth, and serving as chief editor for the visiting filmmakers, Summer 2003.

Technical Qualifications and Certifications

   Film/Video:  Have worked with full HD, MiniDV, and 8mm/16mm film formats.  Extensive experience in Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro, familiar with Avid. 2001-2014
   Native German speaker, Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung, Gut 2001
   Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Soundtrack Pro Official Certification, New York, NY 2008

Community Leadership

   BicycLincoln, Founding board member, Vice President, of grassroots community bicycle advocacy organization. 2011-2014
   Sheclismo, Co-founder, Acting Director, past Vice President women’s cycling organization, educational organization, and race team. 2010-2014
•  Brown University Alumni Association, Interviewer and Area Chair 2005-2014
   Homegrown Film Festival, Curator/Director, local independent short film festival. 2009-2013

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