My Year 2013

In past years, I’ve waited to debut “My Year” until the Home Grown Film Festival´╗┐, but this year, I wanted to share it as soon as it was completed. 2013 was a year of personal growth, strong friendships, new friendships, adventure, travel, and lots of bike rides. In some cases, it was simple to find the perfect second to capture a day. In others, it was incredibly hard to choose just one second, especially on long days filled with many memorable moments.

As I transition out of graduate school (at least for now) and into my next stage, I’m finding myself drawn to rekindling my focus on video production and video art. This has been a five year project at this point. That is a whole lot of autoethnography, and I’m interested in where it might go. I’ve often reflected on its repetition, its occasional chore-like nature, and its tendency to take a backseat as things like Instagram have entered my life.

But, I can’t stop. Every time I think about quitting, I meet someone who looks forward to the videos. I wonder in awe how they could mean something to someone else. What fusion of art and voyeurism have I created? What makes this take on documentary engaging to strangers and friends? How does this work as something beyond self-indulgence?

To be sure, the process of transitioning 52 My Weeks into 365 discreet seconds is a completely different challenge. I thank you for sharing in it with me. I especially thank those of you who appear in the series for sharing time with me and subjecting yourselves to documentation. 

Enough words. Watch, enjoy, comment, pushback, or go make your own.

One second per day, each day of the year. A year of personal growth, strong friendships, exciting travel, and lots of bike rides.

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