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Tuesday Night Neighbors

After long days (and an all-nighter for Gina) of being digital creatives, Gina & I hit the road. We escorted Felice to yoga, then headed to bread & cup for sandwiches and a beer. Check out those stretched out legs and the fancy road shoes at their ends! Refueled, we decided to head to Pioneers … Continue reading »

Real Spring Weekend

The weather was fantastic this weekend! After threats of rain the whole time, we only got some on Saturday morning, but mostly, skies were clear and flowers bloomed. Eric had a birthday, too. Friday evening, Felice, Brent, and I joined him for a ride to Eagle to celebrate. Despite threatening clouds, we only had a … Continue reading »

Sandhill Cranes

When I was out in Wood River Wednesday, I had a few minutes to spare to take some photos — and take in the sound — of the Sandhill Cranes. Beautiful. Even without a telephoto, I got some croppable images. I’m especially fond of that last one, where the cranes appear to mirror one another. … Continue reading »

A New Playlist for April

Spring & fall often prompt the need for new playlists. Here’s one for April, new & old favorites, both. 1. Doomsday – Elvis Perkins in Dearland2. Look at Miss Ohio – Gillian Welch3. Elephant Gun – Beirut4. Pretty Girl from Chile – The Avett Brothers5. Dark Eyes – Calexico6. Soft Atlas – 13 & God7. … Continue reading »

Slow Food Brunch 2009

Woke up to howling winds this morning, and I really had to work to crawl out from under the duvet. We missed the worst of the blizzard (allegedly, there are 5 foot drifts in central Nebraska), but the wind was gusting over 40mph, so I put on my trusty winter bike pants and headed into … Continue reading »

Vitamin D

I spent the afternoon on the dock at The Mill, first meeting with Brent about our project, then reading the New Yorker (specifically this article on solitary confinement) while listening to the Afro-Cuban All-Stars, and later running into Ben, Kaleb, and Conrad. It was an excellent day for making Vitamin D.

First Tornado/Thunderstorm of 2009

I have what would best be described as a morbid fascination with tornadoes. As a child, I got extremely upset when everyone went outside as Ken Siemeck implored us to get in our basements. I had a little suitcase packed full of my favorite matchbox cars, die cast John Deere implements, and maybe a doll … Continue reading »

Spring, sprung

Today makes it official, but last weekend felt like the start of spring. Belatedly posted, above, my newest riding buddy & finest of neighbors, Gina, in front of the sadly not open Roca Tavern. Below, my dad grills a leg of kid from Green Glade farm.

Havelock Ride

Gina & I rode out to Havelock tonight. She learned to use her new clipless pedals like a champ. We rolled over to Bob’s Tavern, inadvertently ordered green beer, met up with the TNMWR, ran into Jim & Carrie at the Isles, and then joined the Monkeywrench pack for a fast-paced ride back to our … Continue reading »

The Cusp

From warm to snow to balmy to stormy…it’s the cusp of spring again! Got some good bike riding in this week, including a long ride with Denise to visit Polly, ending in a dark sprint home by myself through the scary-when-its-dark part of the Rock Island trail. No scarf! Warm breeze in my hair! Nothing … Continue reading »