Tuesday Night Neighbors

After long days (and an all-nighter for Gina) of being digital creatives, Gina & I hit the road. We escorted Felice to yoga, then headed to bread & cup for sandwiches and a beer. Check out those stretched out legs and the fancy road shoes at their ends!

Refueled, we decided to head to Pioneers Park.

Gina is a fan of photographs of airplanes in flight. That one’s for her.

Gina had never been up to see the elk & bison, and luckily, they were near the fences. The elks’ antlers were so velvety & springlike!

Our shadows were getting long on the way back, and we were in a hurry to get back into town, mostly because we’d decided to stop at Zesto. It is getting there, folks. Get out and ride.

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