yet another good night

After a nice day at the farm, I watched TV Carnage ( with Dad. Then I went and filmed a full on roller derby bout with announcers and all. And I had competition. I was told to go into a corner and stay out of the way, and then another gentleman with a camera (not as nice as mine) got all up into the rink and into the faces of the girls. After the first period, the coach beckoned to me to come into the center, saying I deserved a turn too. At the end of the bout, the man introduced himself to me as the Executive Director of News at NET Television (PBS). Aha! And now he tells me — after how many months of agonizing? — that there may in fact be an opening there. When it rains, it pours. And when the sun shines, it blinds you. Ihrregahdless, I may be able to work as an independent producer on the Roller Derby stuff.
Sometimes, it’s hard to know if you’re making the right choice…

ps.Tomorrow night, camping trip/bonfire on Becca’s farm.

2 thoughts on “yet another good night

  1. yay! good luck with the PBS thang. how serendipitous.

    also, i’m pleased to see you ironically use “irregahdless,” written in a rhode island accent, no less!


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