Where’s the Secondary?

From the NYT:
“’It’s called secondary virginity,’ Mr. Norquist said. ‘It is a big movement in high school and also available for politicians.’”

This, apparently, is the state of the “Christian” Right as they prepare for 2008’s presidential race with no Bible-beating arch-conservatives anywhere near the pack. They’re already looking for sloppy seconds. What from the Mormon-(Mormon?)-but-also-Gov-of-Massachusetts-the-state-that-lets-homos-marry Mitt Romney to the former-mayor-of-New-York-City-of-liberals-and-babykillers-who-is-thrice-divorced Rudy Giuliani to let’s-not-forget-the-man-who-called-us-out-on-being-the-nutbags-and-haters-we-are John McCain frontrunners, it’s looking pretty bad for the James Dobsons of the world right now. Hell, Barack Obama is more a church-goer than any of those three.

So ol’ Grover is out laying the foundation for the revirginization of one of these fellas, assuming no massive swingabout by Sam Brownback, that good ol’ boy from Kansas. They better lay a sheet down for the hymen blood.

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