Ups and Downs

Thumbs up Lancaster County — you sent 4 great new State Senators to the Unicameral in Amanda McGill, Bill Avery, Danielle Nantkes, and Norman Wallman.
Thumbs down to Nebraska statewide/district races — you knew Pete Ricketts (or, as I saw in a manipulated yard sign today, Peter Licker) wouldn’t be hard for the Benator to defeat, so why did we come so close with Kleeb and Esch and not that much farther behind with Moul and then Hahn, who were all fielded against such weak opponents, when with a little more work from the state party, we could have won these?
Thumbs up to Democrats nationally — House and Senate, both. Wow. I think Jon Tester is my favorite new Senator.
And finally, via Crooks and Liars, a tribute to Donald Rumsfeld.

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