Updates, Various

I’ve been up to this and that recently.

Last weekend, I got flown to Detroit to film Bright Eyes in concert. My good friend Joey Lynch is on tour with them doing visuals, and so I got to spend some time with him, too.

One of Joey’s screenprints, called Social Studies

Animation with Joey Lynch from nocoastfilms on Vimeo

Some animation I did with Joey a few years back

Another videographer who went along to Detroit — and who shall be known as the future Mrs.2000 — is part of the No Coast Derby Girls, and she manages all their taping. Saturday, then, I got back into derby taping, and got the fun job of following jammers. My congratulations especially to Shiv #66 and Sylvia Bullet #45 to a bout well jammed.

Doing these side jobs, I’ve been feeling really good about my camera work, and I’ve also been enjoying not being the director of the shoots, and having just a bit of direction to work with in each case. I’ve been feeling ok about work, when I’m editing or shooting, but have found that I’m really not interested in much beyond that out of my work scene. Also, teaching is looking good for the whole “summers off” bit, though when I mentioned this to my retiring 30+-years-of-teaching mother, she replied, “there’s a reason for that.”

Grad school or post-bac classes are seeming like a really good idea no matter what for, and I had a nice long talk with Marco at the farmers’ market early Saturday morning about sustainability, greenprints, urban/rural planning, and environmental studies while eating pea shoots, local pain de campagne and artisan cheese on a street bench. When I think about the heated discussions I get into, they tend to be more on this bent, therefore making these choices possibly more logical (and certainly more fundable) than film school.

Lots of people are gearing up to move out of town. Hmm.

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