Training Week: Ride #1

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Google’s new map embed feature is still a little unironed, seeing as though my initial plotted map showed us going straight down 14th Street, not onto Warlick and Hwy 77 — well, also, not to mention the bike paths we went on can’t be selected — but this is a pretty good sketch of last night’s training ride.

Felice and I left shortly after 5 in oppressive humidity and rush hour traffic, had spectacular views of clouds at the crest of 40th and Saltillo Road, and then headed back into Lincoln, only to be completely overpowered by an incredibly fast-moving and powerful thunderstorm. With branches falling and the suddenly cold wind whipping into our tires, we took shelter with the remainders of kiddie football practice at Tierra Park, then waited for a ride (the coaches adopted us a little, making sure we had one coming) from Ande as rain poured, winds gusted to 80 mph, and golf ball sized hail pounded down. When Ande did arrive, we loaded the bikes in the downpour, hail pinging off my helmet, then drove slowly back through neighborhoods darkened by power outages, dodging massive fallen tree limbs.

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