This I Believe

Ok, right now, I believe in the power of MySpace. I received a message from a guy in Providence who is trying to solve a mystery. He’d found a little book with “Made by Ande W. ’05 for Elisabeth Reinkordt” written in it.

It’s my long ago lost and sadly left for thrown away journal from my trip to Tokyo. I wrote a lot in it at a pivotal point in my life — 6 weeks before finishing college, 2 months before moving back to Nebraska, 4 months before getting married — and then managed to lose it just a few weeks after getting back to the states.

It was, as I suspected for a while, in the hands of someone at the GCB (a Brown-campus bar located in the Grad Center dorm complex). Now, his mystery is solved, and I feel like I may soon finally be reunited with a whole heap of memories.

How strange and wonderful that this guy chose to do some MySpace research, found my film profile, and wrote me, 2 years later, about his find.

I don’t even care anymore if I wrote stupid shit in it that he read.

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