Stretch Cue

Dot wears clothes.
I have just discovered that I can watch simulcasts of my favorite news crew ever, News Channel 10 of Providence. My friends Gary Ley, Patrice “Holly” Wood, Gene Valecenti, R.J. Heim, Mario Hilario, Alison Bologna, Brian Crandall, Frank Coletta, Jim Tericani, Chef Terranova’s “Cookin’ Wit Class” and more are now at my fingertips once again. Currently, Gary Ley is explaining how air heats up with an almost indecipherable compression box analogy. And he is now giggling and talking about the floor director giving him a stretch cue. He is now explaining that a stretch cue means talk longer. Wow. I forgot how funny this is.

I have a red nose, after spending a beautiful Saturday and Sunday outdoors. Going fishing with a biologist is fun.

How do I know when leaving work is ok?

I am wearing my mother’s old powder blue UltraSuede dress today. Apparently, I ought to be in line for the Audrey Hepburn look-alike auditions, as was told to me by a stranger leaning out a car window this morning. I can handle that.

2 thoughts on “Stretch Cue

  1. did I ever tell you about how RJ Heim tried to pick me up… twice?

    first was at the brown gym when i was a sophomore.

    RJ: “working out, huh?”

    me: “ummm… yeah.”

    RJ: “lifting some weights, huh?”

    me: “ummm… yeah.”

    RJ: “you work out here a lot?”

    me: “umm… i gotta go.”

    the second time was in front of east side mini mart. i was drinking coffee and smoking in the parking lot, and he pulls up next to me.

    RJ: “waiting for someone?”

    me: “no.”

    then i walked away.

    sleazy, sleazy guy.

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