Stolen Bike Alert!

Brent got his bike stolen Tuesday night.

My Bike Friends,

It is a sad day. Last night during Haymarket drinks my beloved Pista was wrested from its Starlit place. Please keep an eye out for it at the pawn/bike shop. Call me in the event of seeing it for its recovery/killing the shit out of any perps in the area.

It’s a chrome Bianchi Pista. Any info, leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “Stolen Bike Alert!

  1. I read your blog because I’m a commuter in Lincoln as well (if you ever see a newish green folder, that’s mine), and I love Baudrillard (Simulacra and Simulation). I’m so sorry. Lincoln has sub-normal crime rates in many areas, but not bike thefts. I just talked to a barista at Jones Coffee that had a nice bike stolen as well. I feel for you both. Best of luck recovering it! I grew up here in Lincoln, and once I saved up to get a nicer bike, but it was eventually stolen as well. Out of spite I started taking a yearly trip to the police auctions, buying 3 or 4 bikes for cheap, and riding them with no lock until they walked away. I wonder … are there manufacturers who make well built bikes that are made to look junky?

  2. thanks, myer. i think this is part of why i generally commute on a terribly beat-up 70s road bike. i like the commons idea of the police auction purchases — sort of like the ride-share programs popping up in metros around the world, but with a very DIY feel. knowing a fellow Baudrillard fan reads this means i should probably get back to some media postings, too!

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