Something different on skinny tires

We made a team executive decision to vote with our feet (wheels?) and register for the Nebraska State Championship Road Time Trial en masse. Sunday morning, 6 strong and beautiful Sheclismas hit the pavement in the so-called “race of truth” — 24 miles, solo. All photos courtesy of Dan Farnam.

 Of course, we at Sheclismo World Headquarters all know Sydney Brown is the fastest woman in Nebraska, but it was nice to have her bring home a medal for the team proving as much. She cranked it out in one hour and 47 seconds. So sleek and fast.

Emily Hoesly, who came into the cyclocross scene last fall, joined in on the team spirit and made it across the line our fastest Cat 4 in 1:11:07.

On my shiny new road bike, I was just 40 seconds shy of Emily’s time, with 1:11:51. More on that new bike and my experience in a bit.

Allison Hunt came back to the road after a bit of a hiatus, and we’re stoked she’s rocking our kit. She came through the line in 1:14:21.

Newcomer Emily Grace, who’s really the one responsible for getting us all to sign up — she wants to try a bit of everything before she leaves the States for graduate Physics research in the UK — threw slicks on her beloved Kona Jake and cranked out the miles in 1:22:43.

And Sara Nispel, who jumped in to register at the last minute, rocked her first time trial in 1:24:02. Note her amazing bar tape style.

Ok, so what did I think of the TT? Well, I should’ve spent a bit more time on the new bike (an awesome Trek Madone 6 WSD set up for me by the Midtown Omaha Trek Store), particularly in the mock-aero position. When I went for a longer ride Saturday, I felt like the saddle wasn’t really in the right place. Granted, it’s not my tried-and-true WTB Deva, so I thought maybe it was just different, not bad. Well, it was bad. My hip flexors and hamstring attachments started to hurt from just a few miles in, and I was definitely not sitting on my sit bones, as it were. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Gentlemen, I’m happy to explain to you if you ask.

My goal for the race was to get as close to a 20 mph average as possible, knowing that hitting that over the full 24 mile distance with a bit of headwind was likely to be a bit out of reach. The other goal I had was to attain a negative split, meaning a faster second half than first. I hit the 12 mile turnaround at 36 minutes flat, making 1:12 or less the goal. My average speed for the first half was sitting right around 19 mph. After a sloppy turnaround where I thought they were telling me I had to go through the cones, bike-rodeo style, I kicked it up, enjoyed the bit of tailwind, and enjoyed throwing thumbs-up to my teammates who’d had later start times.

My average pace kept ticking up, and by halfway back, I was fluctuating between 19.6 and 19.8 mph. The last five miles, I knew I’d be cutting it really close to make my goal. I pushed, I counted seconds, I went as hard as I could through the finish. I coasted for the first time in 24 miles as I rolled down the road to head back to the parking lot, and when I started to pedal again, I cried out. My hip flexors and hamstring attachments were in agony, and didn’t want to work. Whimpering, I got myself across the highway, pulling off through some deep mud and into the grass. I got off the bike, worried I might just fall over. I was spared that, but it felt like I had doll legs or something with how little they wanted to bend. New rapper name: TT-Pain.

Mega-awesome site planning by Greenstreet Velo — we got to shower in the Yutan High School locker room. My goodness, that was welcome.

In true Sheclismo style, we celebrated our accomplishments with a little Bulleit. Bring on ‘cross season…we’re ready.

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