Seriously, What the Hell is Wrong with Suburbans?

In Colorado, a woman living in a subdivision made a Christmas wreath in the shape of a peace sign. And apparently, this is “divisive,” and she is going to be fined $25 dollars per day if she leaves it up. Good Christian that she apparently is, she isn’t being badgered into taking it down, and will have to pay upwards of $1000 dollars by Christmas Day.

Now, seriously, what the fuck? Excuse my language, but how many Christmas hymns/carols include the phrase “Peace on Earth”? Don’t any of these folks remember going to church on Sunday and hearing their pastor/minister/priest say “Peace be with you”? And how about that “turn the other cheek” rhetoric? Bah, humbug! Insignificant!
“‘The peace sign has a lot of negativity associated with it,'” said Homeowners’ Association President Bob Kearnes. Another neighbor who had used skis with peace signs on the end of them to mark his driveway was asked to take them down because “he was informed that residents were offended by the posting of the peace symbols ‘while our country is at war.'” Yeah, wouldn’t want to remind folks that we’re at war. That maybe, just maybe, we ought to be making some more sacrifices, that maybe our cushy suburban existence is a little incongruous with the fact that hundreds of people are dying daily around the world. And heavens to Besty, you really don’t want to be reminded of the fact that there’s an alternative to being at war.
Even though I don’t go to church now, the little Methodist church in Denton, Nebraska that I attended as a kid and that my mother’s family founded taught me the importance of peace, love, and goodwill above all else. Do these suburban “Christians” even go to church? Or are their churches more about building expansions than teaching Christ’s love? Hummph.

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