Scotts(rather large)Bluff

C Masters Photo and I had an early day of it at Pane Bello in Kearney (we beat the team there), and then had some extra time to swim before checking out of our room and heading to Lexington. We had some deliciousness at the Box Bar there — a real cowboy bar with a working dumbwaiter — and then were able to get a few outdoor shots at an ethanol plant David was touring before heading further west to explore the Nebraskan psyche a bit more.
We took Highway 30 again, which took us past an enormous junk 50s car lot in Maxwell and the 100th meridian (proudly bannered) in Cozad. Then northward we did head, through several unincorporated towns and stretches of highway adopted by the free-of-meth kids of ____, Nebraska. Saw the track teams out to practice in Tryon (county seat/only incorporated town in McPherson County, the poorest county in the United States) and Hyannis. Thoroughly explored Mullen, seeing as though Carrie may have ranching relatives there, and also seeing as though she was driving stick for the first time in several years. She did not drive for long before I regained driving abilities.
Near Highway 2’s end, we branched northward for a sunset visit to Carhenge (pictures soon to follow, I promise, Benjamin Donsky), where Carrie suffered a technological and spiritual meltdown in the center of some broken down, gray-painted cars. Perhaps it was but a malfunctioning battery, but the ramifications are truly limitless considering the location of the event.
Not satisfied with a too-expensive Holiday Inn Express in Alliance, we decided to drive on to Scottsbluff, where we found another Days Inn with a superb Mexican restaurant just two doors down. Now, with the firey demon breath of someone who has eaten phenomenal guacamole, I bid you good night.

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