Science Times: NYT’s Excuse for Raunch?

I have become convinced that the New York Times Science section, featured on Tuesdays, is the paper’s outlet for all-out raunchiness, albeit generally of the animal variety.

From yesterday’s “A Lonesome Tortoise, and a Search for a Mate“:

By coating her hands in the genital secretions of female tortoises and gently stroking him, she managed to demonstrate a couple of times (in the course of several months’ work) that George was capable of an erection. But whereas her touch could induce other male tortoises to reach orgasm within a few minutes, with George she never managed to collect any sperm…

Dr. Nicholls even raises the possibility of showing instructive videos to George — and if tortoise porn is what it takes, I say go for it.

This is merely the latest in a series of articles (see also duck phalli, chimeric marmosets) in which the Times uses cute, flippant, yet decidedly campy high-brow going low-brow language to describe scientists getting all sexy.

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