room tone

last night, production of “room tone,” the first root down production i’ve been involved in, wrapped. we submitted it for the hot shops film festival 7-day video contest, subverted their asinine qualifications, and created something beautiful. i can thank divine providence for bringing me to all sorts of lincolnites i would never have met otherwise. robbie, becca, pat, adeline, ben, seth, john, mathias…all very quality people. and i can feel it stirring me up in a way that nothing has in months.
also got a job working for the politician, doing media work. might even meet mikhail baryshnikov.
my opening at iron brush went fabulously, estimating at least 300-350 visitors. was surprised at the variety of interest; there was no universal favorite piece. thinking maybe tugboat gallery is interested as well, which would be great. and of course, the ham in me is/was totally thrilled at all the attention.
i believe weekly dinner parties are in order.

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