Riding to Branched Oak

After a late night of music & dancing — on the way home, I knew it was going to be rough in the morning — Gina & I headed out to get in some Saturday highway miles. Her voicemail at 9:59 AM: “Are we wearing lycra?” The answer is yes. To get her acquainted with highway riding, we rode to Branched Oak. Nice ride with minimal wind and a few but not too many rollers. A couple of good climbs lead to the breathtaking view of the lake. We coasted down and stretched out by the shore for a little while.

There is potentially a loon in the lake. Gina was pretty sure it was one from the way it was diving. I couldn’t stop making terrible puns about it looking awfully loony. By the time we saddled back up, the wind had picked up, gracing us with its head-on nature. We powered through the hills and back into Malcom for a stop at Sundaes’N’Fundaes.

Two twister mixers and one brain freeze later, Gina powered us back into Lincoln. Not bad, on 5 hours of sleep.

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