Reporting from Days Inn Kearney

…purportedly the “guaranteed best deal in town,” where Carrie and I have decided to park it for the night. Some highlights of day one on the road:
Jay Stoddard telling us he loved us, then launching into a rousing speech on the women’s movement, and how it’s only the Democrats that do anything for people.
An 81-year-old former state senator telling us about his 21-year-old granddaughter and 21-year-old daughter….think about it.
Getting caught in a veritable brown-out duststorm near Alda, Nebraska, where we were actually forced to pull off the highway. By our nature, of course, we were taking pictures, when…
C: Is this a tornado?
E: No, it’s just a straightline wind with a lot of dust.
C: So a cow isn’t going to fly and hit the car?
E: I sure hope not.
And at Bill’s Liquor in Kearney…
Store Clerk, to Carrie: That’s an interesting coat.
(followed by some discussion of the coat, why we’re in town)
Clerk: What’s David Hahn about?
(E gives a brief description without holding up the line too much)
Clerk: Well, I’m glad the people working for him are human at least.

So, dear friends, this is Nebraska.

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