Providence Missing Syndrome, that is.
This morning, I’ve been struck with some major pangs of desire for Providence. I will admit that this may be related to the Sonic Youth song Providence, and might be heightened to a level of tears by the Godspeed You! Black Emperor song Providence, which shall soon be filling my headphones.

I joined Man’s Last Great Invention onstage last night armed with my 16mm projector, several reels of my own creation, and a short piece about infant development in baboons. The show was in an incredible backyard — huge pond, lots of vegetation, a projection screen — and there were happy, summery people of all ages milling about.

My baby brother is 20. I’ve been listening to a lot of Blonde Redhead. I helped with haying. I was asked to come in to work early, and now I have no idea why, since, if I have time to do this, I’m clearly not needed for other work-related things.

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