on this weekend

a lovely precursor-to-spring weekend, indeed. in reverse order:

i just came home on my bike, and it was too warm for my hat and my bare feet are fine. at the sun mart parking lot, i got chased down by some dangerous looking kids squeaking their newly purchased squeaky toys at me, then complaining that i was too fast. before that, i was drinking wine in adam’s very hip, very urban apartment with the windows open. meggan, ande and i almost drank that wine in public, because all the nice bars were closed on sunday, so we bought the screw-top bottle from jake’s. that was after espresso that followed eating outside at the oven. meggan and i wanted to eat outside after biking down from ben’s apartment, where we met his parents. kaleb and i found the eiffel tower on google earth.
i had a really nice time on the farm with the family, and played basketball with bicho (my parents’ border collie/blue heeler mix). the cats let me sleep in a little, since they knew nothing of the time change. i slept hard.
i met ben’s really great cousin miranda. after a long hiatus, i rolled a 160 and a 163 at hollywood bowl while admiring kaleb’s skills at bumper bowling. i had some terrible chinese food, after discovering that vietnamese restaurants close early. kaleb got some slip-ons, since his other shoes were wet and dirty after searching out clam shells at the lake while ben dug for antique cans of high life and coke. we rode bikes and played basketball after a snack of fresh-baked bread and homemade jams, which kaleb declared the best he had ever had. we got some serious quality time with stewarts’ horses, and played hide-and-seek near my favorite tree. dad showed us the calves — 4 so far with one more on the way, 2 heifers, 2 bulls — and kaleb made friends with the world’s best cat. i had a delicious machiato at cultiva. i threw darts for the first time since ande’s dui scare night over 2 years ago. i enjoyed another saturday morning on the sofa with npr and both cats on my lap.
i was at o’rourke’s, owing no one my attentions, happily floating from one conversation to the next. i hugged anna. i sat outside at yia-yia’s for the first time this year. i got picked up from work in todd’s gloriously deep red caprice, with the windows rolled down. i knew it would be the start of a good weekend.

tomorrow, i’ll develop the four rolls of film.

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