Omaha City Weekly/Shannon Hopp!

Check out this article in the City Weekly about Shannon’s upcoming fashion show.

Spano Lang by Shannon Hopp

Shannon Hopp was given a task for this show – the task to make the most of gifts from the past. Hopp, who graduated from University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in textile and apparel design in May, has long had an interest in the styles of the ‘30s and ‘40s. She was taught to sew by her grandmothers, and thus her Omaha Fashion Week collection is named Spano Lang, using her grandmothers’ maiden names.

Bellwether boutique owner Jessica Latham furthered Hopp’s mission when she contacted her about a trunk full of vintage fabrics. “A very sweet lady, named Ruth Ann, opened the trunk of her Buick and there were boxes and boxes of things. It was an eclectic collection, probably fabrics from the ‘60s and ‘70s – silk, wool, tweeds – and she passed it on to me to basically for free.”

Actually Hopp paid $20 for the haul, but a few days later she received a thank you letter from Ruth Ann with a $20 bill enclosed to help her with her new ventures.

Hopp will be showing 10 ensembles culled from these vintage sources. She says while she is using all vintage fabrics, she creates her own designs based on patterns and construction methods from the ‘30s. She says the Spano Lang line is comprised of fitted garments that rely on complex structure and seamlines, rather than volume of fabric Read: no mumus here ladies, you might actually be able to purchase a decent dress.

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