November Hundy

So, big gaps in blogging. I know. October has been busy! Some great ‘cross racing (loving singlespeed, loving teaching new racers), the Homegrown Film Festival (best ever), and my little brother getting married (kind of a big deal). Might have more to write about those things later. But for now, some photos from yesterday…

Eight months in a row of gravel centuries, 4 of them on singlespeed. Pretty great stuff.

Windiest hundy so far? Dang. Crazy cross wind.

It was Sunday…could’ve gone dancing…

The ASPIRING town of Camden

Found an abandoned German Evangelical cemetery.


Name spelled properly!

This church, too.

Oh, Fall!

McKelvie Road, west of Malcolm. Gravel Worlds course in reverse. WALLS.

Burning bushes on FIRE.

Leg out for crosswind balance.

Blazing sunset.

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