Notable Quotable 2009

As much of a gadget freak as I may be, I love my Slingshot organizer. More than anything, I like having it around to quickly jot down info about things I see, films while I’m watching them, and, most importantly for this post, funny things people I’m spending time with say. Here’s a collection of quotations from the last year, mostly without attribution.

January 28- can you mix chamomile tea and wine?

March 7- it was calypso metal for a second there.

March 15- you need to edit all day. do it. now.

March 22- what happens when you repeatedly remove 2 ft. of film from Ghost until 9 minutes have disappeared?

March 26- who is amen? goosey jossip. the way he breathes.

March 26- sever thunderstorms

April 2- how are you going to argue with the traveling nurse with the new fake boobs when she takes your glasses?

April 10- you and I lick ass at the mutual flake

April 17- Hispanic veggies -Felice

April 24- ride sightings of a big scary green and yellow snake, 3 deer, and a Tom turkey

April 26- salt dogs should’ve been the salt creek beetles. their mascot would have big mandibles to scare the shit out of kids. -Conrad

May 30- my brain is too powerful for passion. -Marti

June 10- have a good try one at the a&n bar in wymore.

July 3- all women have a built-in grain of indestructibility. and men’s task has always been to make them realize it as late as possible. -Sans Soleil

July 12- baby/child one pulled pit with water pouring out of its open mouth, dead. “look, my gill can hold her breath!”

August 17- mom: I’m going to the blood bank
Elisabeth: have fun with the vampires
mom: you know, it’s something good I can do that doesn’t require brains
elisabeth: yeah, that’s the zombies

September 8- when is our workplace going to reflect the creativity-fostering we want to see in schools? it’s depressing, not funny.

October 10- ART ART ART show!

October 17- Kein mensch ist illegal.

October 18- I tried to do handstands for you.

October 21- serendipity: I heard your voice in Dresden comes on the shuffle while driving in dresden. berlin graffiti: I’ll be in your dreams if you’ll let me be in yours.

October 22- dorky business idea: underwear printed with dutch flag pattern, for your Netherlands.

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