Night at the Velodrome

On a trip to Minnesota to check out the mountain bike trails at Cuyuna Lakes, I added on a couple days to explore Minneapolis. Thursday night, I hopped into a car with some track racers to check out the velodrome.

Racers preparing to drop in. My friend Erin in the orange helmet, 3rd from the left.

Field stringing out

Anna, in the yellow helmet, racing and coaching a first-timer at the same time.

This 5-year-old girl was crushing it. Her game face and the check over her shoulder? Priceless.

Keirin race washed in beautiful magic hour light. Erin in the orange helmet.

Moon rising over the Madison race.

Almost instantly, I was wishing I had my better camera and telephoto. My G11 did pretty well, though, and as the daylight faded to magic hour and the moon rose, well, it was a photographer’s dream. Just as much as I wanted a different camera, I also wanted to be out there, trying this still-foreign form of bicycling. As luck would have it, my new friend Anna is taking me today!

See the photos here:

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