Nice Drive

The show was wonderful, beautiful. My drive through rain and darkness and dead deer on the side of the road paid off upon getting a big hug from Rob and then surprising the members of Dearland with my unexpected arrival. I kicked myself for leaving my camera at Rob’s house (and, come to think of it, I’d brought a digital sound recorder, too), but then relished enjoying the music unmediated after all. There followed a pizza-fueled sleepover at Rob’s, a diner brunch at the Waveland Cafe — where my cup featured a sassy pink cup&saucer saying “Honey, I’m steaming hot and bottomless” — and plenty of soccer volleying in the parking lot/new car lot next to Rob’s place.
We hit the road around 3 in the afternoon, and on this half of the trip I was fortunate enough to have Elvis as a travel companion and iPod-jockey. A very nice drive through western Iowa at dusk. We pulled into Lincoln around 8, ate at Oso (and were greeted by Mathias and Ashley, and Mathias’s blog came true when he met the band), and the fellas fueled up with burritos for the middle of the night in the Sandhills. I wish them well.
In other news, I’m currently the featured artist on OneBeta. Take a look.

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