My Ultimate Influence?

Mathias sent me this link this morning.

I used to sing this song all the time when I was little. My parents had a strict no-commercial-television policy, so all I watched was PBS, with a heavy dose of Sesame Street. This bordered on addiction, and my parents had VHS tapes full of episodes for the days it wasn’t on.

This song is unbearably catchy.

I have the realization that I would have been perfectly suited to making documentaries for this vintage of Sesame Street.

These women are so happy to be making crayons.

And then I realize that it is more likely that this is in fact the overriding influence in my media lexicon.

Funny, this was supposed to be education about very different worlds for the young children of Harlem & the Bronx. We put up hay in the summer to feed the cattle in the winter, too!

Why can’t this be my job, to make these? Why must childrens’ programming be so gaudy and terrible now?

There is such a wealth of these — I could go on forever. But here’s one more for you to spark a rabbit hole of YouTube related videos.

If we had more salutes and dances for fruit, perhaps we’d have healthier children?

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