My Suggestions to the Frugal Traveler

The New York Times has sent its Frugal Traveler on an American Road Trip. Oh, swoon! He’s going to be in SD and Nebraska next. Here are my suggestions:

Nebraska! Check out the Art Deco masterpiece that is the Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln. Beautiful mosaics and light fixtures, allegedly Hitler’s choice for his North American headquarters, and lovingly referred to as the Penis of the Plains for its form. (Plus, the tip of this structure features a statue of The Sower, a man sowing seeds across the prairie!)
After touring the capitol, walk over a few blocks to Yia-Yia’s Pizza at 14th and “O” Streets for the best selection of beers in the Midwest. You’ll also be on the longest main street without a curve (40 some miles, stretching out of town in either direction) and in one of the densest bar strips in the country.
You can also check out the Tractor Test Track and Museum (located on East Campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln), where this Land Grant school takes consumer testing into its own hands. You get to see tractors racing around a banked track, pulling stuff! Plus, there is an excellent collection of tractors throughout the years.
Head west, and hop onto Highway 2 at Grand Island, where you can drive through the beautiful Sandhills, artifacts of a more sea-like past. This is ranch-and-rodeo country, and you’ll also be passing through a few of the country’s poorest counties. Gives you something to think about. Eat some locally grown steak in Broken Bow. Make it to Alliance for the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Carhenge, the ultimate in weird art and roadside attractions. Yes, it’s like Stonehenge, but out of old cars. Great at sunset, for all your photo needs.

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