Mood board for a new project

Someone wise (and I should know who) wrote that Nebraska was 90% sky, 10% earth. And no matter how long I’m away, the landscape is seared in my deepest, earliest memories.

I love the way one bright, warm, earthy or floral or vibrant color pops from the blues of a seemingly endless sky.

My mother is a highly skilled expert master gardener, and her love of wildflowers and native plants is something I identify most strongly with my feelings of her.



And every Keith Jacobshagen painting makes me exhale involuntarily, a deep breath at the smallness of us in the bigness of the sky.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.41.00 PM


Here’s my grandmother:

And this is her Bicycle Brigade (she’s the one on the far right)

And this is her on bike tour in 1940 on her Featherweight named Rheta.

I can’t wait to see what Julie at Pedalino Bicycles comes up with. Check back for more inspiration as this project progresses!

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