Mix for Sam Solomon

My friend Sam, who is working on his PhD in Comp Lit at USC, recently had his car broken into and the bastard took all his mix cds.  Irreplaceable, that heartless bastard.  Anyway, in response to a sad Facebook status regarding this matter, I decided to to make Sam a mix. 

I asked him what sort of mood he’d like for the mix. 

mood, i guess, would have to be of the “i’m stuck in traffic but kind
of rocking out” or “it’s late at night and i’m cruising and this music
is kind of making me cry in the best way” but i will accept anything.

Here, then, is

Sam’s Best Way to Rock Out While Crying in Traffic

  1. Drugs and Sunshine — The Chinese Stars
  2. Johnny 99 — Bruce Springsteen
  3. My Girls — Animal Collective
  4. My Big Nurse — David Byrne & Brian Eno
  5. Green Starred Sleeve — UUVVWWZ
  6. Pretty Girl Ffrom Chile — The Avett Brothers
  7. The Healer — Erykah Badu
  8. The Orchard — Fire On Fire
  9. New Star Song — The Mountain Goats
  10. Mercury — Mahjongg
  11. Kid for Today — Boards of Canada
  12. Your Mama — Kennedy

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