memorially riding day bikes

This morning, Felice, Mathias, and I headed out on city trails for a good long ride. Near my house, we saw lots of downed trees from last night’s storm.

The 60+ mph wind gusts made the trees look like this, even with a fast shutter speed. My neighbor, however, was so committed to finishing her yard work that she was out with her LEAF BLOWER.

Once we got into the suburbs, the erosive properties of new development and empty lots filled the underpasses with an inch of mud.

Levels of bike gear appropriateness for conditions:

Mathias — Kona dr. dew with disc brakes, off-road tires
Felice — Surly cross check with fenders, cross tires
Me — Bertoni roadie, slick tires

I managed to stay on the bike through it all, but at the end of the trail, as we walked up the 30 or so feet to the street, both Felice and I got so much mud caked to our brake calipers/fenders that our wheels no longer rotated. As we pulled off handfuls of mud, Mathias threw more at us. About a mile later, on another mud slick, we considered going mud sliding on the sidewalk along 84th street. We chose to throw mud at each other instead.

Once we got home, I was too Germanically driven to clean off my bike to take photos of the muddiness. Apologies. Here’s video of the tree in my front yard, instead.

Wind Storm from nocoastfilms on Vimeo.

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