It’s fascinating stuff. As a young student, I always did well. Advanced, in fact. Yet, at some point, it became clear to me that I wasn’t really “good at math” so much as I was “excellent at memorization.” I was also able to perform half-hour long monologues, after all. Well, Wednesday, I have to suffer through the GRE. I’ve decided, as somewhat of a principled stance, that beyond one short practice, I am not studying for it. It makes little sense. One thing that revealed itself in the practice exam, though, is that my college-prep curriculum (coupled with Brown’s open curriculum) never taught me statistics, the one field of mathematics that would actually be quite useful for me.

Really, though, I wish I’d have had more tangible problems to solve in the math classroom, and more examples like the Eames film above (h/t to Malcolm T, currently teaching 8th grade math in Denver, for sharing).

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