Late summer dinner

Not going to work in a cubicle every day is pretty amazing. I forgot how wonderful it is to set my day’s work based on my own rhythms.

It could mean complicated cooking, too, but mostly, I’ve just added a few slightly more complicated or time-consuming pieces to my regular cooking routines. Last night, fresh from a trip to the farmer’s market where a Mexican American farmer’s lovely smelling herbs drew me to her tent, Rancho el Milagro. This herb, she said, would make my salsa (and of course now, I can’t remember the name of it). Dinner plan, commence!

I picked up onions and garlic from Robinette Farms, queso fresco from Dutch Girl Creamery, and sunflower sprouts from Shadowbrook Farms. I had tomatoes from my mother’s garden at home, jalapeños from my own, and plenty of flour to take the time to make homemade tortillas. I fixed up some TVP with homemade taco seasoning, set out some fresh limes, and I may just have had the best tacos I’ve ever made. 

 Eat fresh, eat local. It makes you happy. Seriously.

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