Kearney, Nebraska, Day One

I left Lincoln at approximately 6:30 this morning, slept though some Bonnie Prince Billy and This American Life episodes, and arrived at a video production workshop for school technology administrators at 9 AM. This, naturally, follows being up far too late with the likes of M. Gibson, B. McQuillan, and M. Svalina. Lovely time, yes.
Not a very enthralling time out here so far. The workshop is far from geared toward my skill level, but there is apparently no problem with me being online most of the day with an ear cocked toward interjecting a comment here and there on technique. Aside from that, there’s time in a hotel room by myself, with my new iPod in tow, to catch up on some more internet. There is some delicious Thunderhead brew, and there is The Diamond Sea on WFMU.
And that, my friends, involved a much fraught-over and finally-achieved video chat with none other than Louis John Vassalotti III. This chat had nothing to do with the magic finger waving.

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