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So, it’s great to do a Google search on my name. (Ben Donsky actually hyperlinked my name to a Google search of it.) Here are a few choice things that came up.

“The Great Work” does more than display troubled teens – Arts & Culture

Lighting designer Elisabeth Reinkordt ’05 produces possibly the best lighting that has been cast upon PW’s stage. Spotlights combine with a misty haze to create the authentic yet slightly surreal atmosphere the play calls for. And set designer Spencer Collins ’05 actually constructs a pool out of linoleum tiles.

One last thing… when you’re home tonight, reading this blog, alone, depressed, wondering why no one has every truly loved you and pondering a life where making small talk with the guy who runs the corner bodega who barely speaks English is all you have to get you out of bed each morning, watch this video that my friend Elisabeth Reinkordt made.

Lis was my protege in college, until she left the glamorous world of university transit to concentrate on teaching impoverished kids to make documentaries about how impoverished they are. It’s like that old saying, “give a kid a fish and he’ll eat for a day, give a kid a video camera and he’ll still be hungry.”

But this video about loss and human suffering is guaranteed to make you feel worse, unless it makes you feel better.
That’s an amazing video … I guess we all relate to one or the other of the speakers … for me, i knew exactly what the the guy who lost his wife and the woman with the black hair an ear-ring were talking about. in the end is the message that life goes on. not to give up. we are each traveling our own path and we have to give up, let go of things, it’s nature’s way …

Oh, the things people say about me…

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