june can be drunk on summer fun

I wish I knew how to write AppleScripts. That would make all the upconverting of files for Jake’s DVD go faster. Plus it would make me even more of a computer nerd.

Friday night, Nate and Anders and I biked to Heidelberg’s and watched some baseball. They couldn’t manage to get the Cardinals/Red Sox game on, though, and so we left after a pitcher. Besides, while Heidelberg’s was kind of fun 3 summers ago when it was empty, it was not so fun on a crowded Friday evening when the majority of people there were wearing stick-on nametags.

Billy and Liz’s wedding was just excellent. Their reading was a selection from The Watchmen. On the walk home, Nate, Ande and I took some time lying in the grass in Antelope Park. There were lightning strikes and stars to be watched.

Everything in this part of Nebraska is still green, and it’s almost July.

Next week, sibling road trip to Santa Fe to visit the relatives. You should read the blog of one of the relatives here.

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