January weekend fun

MG & Rhino on the track

One would expect that, on a weekend in mid-January in Nebraska, the weather would be cold, the streets would be snow-covered, and the idea of riding bikes in figure 8s around a big old living room & dining room all day would be a good way to while away the hours. Well, it’s been oddly warm (*ahem, global warming), but a regular band of Pirates took shifts to make an indoor century happen nonetheless. I did two half-hour blocks, one on the vintage Bontrager BMX and another on CVO’s Pugsley. Fun times.

Ryan did a full hour and a half straight through

Next on the agenda for Saturday was the 2nd Annual Bien Rica Soup Night & Clothing Swap. Sort through your closet, bring what you want to get rid of, rummage through the things others brought and leave with a few gems, and we’ll donate the rest to an organization in need — this year, it’s Friendship Home. Also, it’s a soup night, and so before the swapping began, we feasted on 6 different soups and accompanying goodies.    
Bros Can Cook, a new show featuring hockey fans?
Few get into it as well as Ryan & Diane
Though Anders might be in contention

If you want in on this next year, let us know. Space is somewhat limited!! Start saving up the good things as you sort through your closets… 
Sunday morning, as I awoke at a leisurely 8:30 AM, I was sure I’d missed group ride opportunities. Luckily, there was a 10 AM ride scheduled, so I packed up and headed to Cultiva for a little fresh air and gravel. The wind was stiff from the south & west, and I did my best to stay tucked in with a strong group of riders. After 20 or so miles into it, I was feeling the hurt, and besides, I had to get clothes folded up and sorted to donate. Headed back to town with Matt & Mark, enjoying the push of the wind at our backs and the strong sun.
Getting pushed back to town with Wills & Mark A.
Loving my buttery-smooth new ride

Have I mentioned I love my new bike? Yeah. I do. I even took it for a little jaunt through Wilderness on the way home. 

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