Its a pedal bike not motorcycle

Brent had an interesting experience the other day, as he looks to potentially replace his still-stolen Pista.

Sadly, the Craigslist posting for the Redline Big Block, requesting contact via text message, has been deleted. What follows, however, is Brent’s text message conversation with the seller.

This was me desiring the simplest information from a troglodyte on wheels, trying to sell said wheels:

Me: Bike query: selling whole bike? what type/size is it?

Trog: Ill sell it at a whole or in parts dont really care its a red line big block 20 inch

Me: (in my head: 20″ WTF?) Oh, that’s not my size. sorry! good luck selling

Trog: If it makes any difference im 6 3 and ride it

Me: (reconsidering) Is this a road bike? i’m not familiar with the ‘big block’

Trog: Its a pedal bike not motorcycle

Me: Right, i meant like a ‘touring bicycle’. Is it that, or a mountain, commuter, etc? Just want to know what kind

Trog: O got ya


Kthanx, bye. I think his second to last transmission shows the extent to which he knows anything about his Redline ‘Big Block’.

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