Inaugural Blog

Wow. And it is done, and it is good.
11:51 AM CST

And, three minutes to go.
10:57 AM CST

Trying out the flurry of Facebook/CNN live status updates.
10:37 AM CST

E, regarding Lynne Cheney: What did she ever see in him?
E & Mom, in unison: Power.
10:25 AM CST

Transfer of power happens exactly at noon eastern time. What if the president hasn’t taken the oath yet? “Give the f*ing oath on time. Let’s not leave that up to chance.” -Mom
10:20 AM CST

Mama Biden!
10:13 AM CST

Both Obama and Biden voted against the confirmation of Chief Justice John Roberts, who will be swearing them in. Mom says “Well, that’s democracy!”
10:05 AM CST

Apparently, whilst moving boxes, Cheney pulled a muscle in his back. He’ll be attending the inauguration in a wheelchair. Just one last bit of icing on the looking like Mr. Potter cake. Schadenfreude? Jawohl!
9:02 AM CST

ABC is showing the crowd on the Mall. People are now packed in all the way to the grounds of the Washington Monument. That’s a mile and a half from the Capitol.
8:42 CST

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