If I’m going to use a Net, it better be Neutral

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This issue has been brewing for quite some time now, and it’s about time for me to jump on the ol’ bandwagon of freedom. Basically, it would be incredibly easy for companies who work in telecommunications to link up with the rest of corporate America and block, restrict, filter, or redirect your ability to access content on the Internet. Capitalism meets the Marketplace of Ideas, if you will. That’s total bullshit. Don’t let it happen.

One thought on “If I’m going to use a Net, it better be Neutral

  1. Lis–it’s the wacky government officials more than the corporations that we should be scared of (though we should be scared of both).

    True, the telecommunications industry is a giant fucked up mess filled with evil, evil people.

    What I’m afraid of is that the abandonment of net neutrality will open the door to government regulation of all Internet content.

    Certain websites being slower than others I can deal with (begrudgingly). Not being able to get my porn fix, I cannot.

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