Ice Rain Bike Commute

  • Leaving the State Office Building: “You’re crazy. You sure you don’t want a ride?”
  • M Street, Centennial Mall to 18th: Not bad at all
  • 18th Street, M Street to J Street: No big troubles here, easy crossings of L and K, and mostly clear street. See a biker on the sidewalk, front tire slips, contemplate switching to sidewalks. Rescind consideration.
  • 18th Street, J Street to C Street: Getting the hang of navigating the patches of ugly brown loose snow on top of the packed base. This is like skiing, with little rushes of excitement in my stomach as a tire begins to slip and I catch it, not falling.
  • C Street, 18th to 19th & 19th Street, C Street to B Street: Two well executed turns, no cars.
  • B Street, 19th to 20th: Attempt at going uphill. Finding the need to add power (which would mean speed) so as to continue to progress up the hill. Gingerly succeeding, secretly hoping for a cheer from the guy unloading his groceries at the top of the climb. Hope unfulfilled, but hill climbed.
  • B Street 20th to 21st: Ice Sprinkle quickly transitions to Ice Rainfall. Sounds like a Steve Reich composition on the leaves of the trees. Hurts the tops of my cheeks.
  • 21st Street, B Street to A Street: Have to wait to cross A for a long time, thanks especially to a dark van without lights on. Curse the van. Curse the Ice Rain. Pause. Enjoy the sound of the accidental Steve Reich performance. Cross A.
  • 21st Street, A Street to Sumner: Uneven, messy, far deeper brown crap sometimes on clear street, sometimes on ice, sometimes on packed snow. See a guy filling up a car with a red gas can as his dualie runs, blocking half the street. Wonder if the same physics rules apply to a skidding bicycle as to a skidding car. Carefully attempt turning into the skid, turning opposite the skid. Inconclusive, as I am more focused on the reverse psychology involved in this counterintuitive behavior.
  • Sumner, 21st Street to 24th Street: Smooth riding, even increase the pace a bit. Just a bit.
  • 24th: Home safe.

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