How’s Your News?

I loved the This American Life piece on How’s Your News that aired a couple years ago. Glad to see it’s going to reach a large audience!

via The Daily Dish via Boing Boing:

Shepherded by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, this new MTV news series – yes, MTV, yes, news – is by and about disabled people. Timmy! A sneak preview via Boing Boing:

Creator Arthur Bradford:

We had a lot of fun shooting this series. Everywhere we went people would stare at the bus and come up and talk to us. For me, as the director, it was often exhausting and sometimes stressful, like when one of our reporters would have a seizure or shit their pants in the middle of shooting something important. Both of these things happened more than I’d like to recall. But it was overall a pretty magical experience and the fact this this show is now going to air on primetime and be available to so many households across America is something we should all rejoice in.


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