An ol’hand in “the business” called me Lizzie the Lil’ Grippette today. And I’m living up to my nickname. The last three days, I’ve put in full-on work days on the set of a USC graduate thesis film shooting on gravel roads somewhere between Plattsmouth and Louisville, NE.

(more photos coming soon. bill, the owner of the rig and giver of my nickname, is sending me some he took.)
It’s been cold and rainy on set, but that’s actually meant I’ve learned a lot more about gripping/gaffing. Today, we set up the rigged truck and had to put up a 20′ x 20′ griff (big tarp but with a reflective white surface to bounce light) diagonally over the whole trailer to keep the rain off the actors, lights, camera, oh yeah, and so we could put up lights and reflectors to make it look like a sunny day. The movies, they are indeed magic.

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