Gravel Roads + Falling Snow + Jo = My first ride with D Street

Today, I braved beautiful freshly falling snow on an early Sunday morning to try my hand at gravel miles with the D Street crew.

Once we hit the gravel rollers, technical know-how and pure fearlessness regarding icy ruts were extremely beneficial. I slowed down anytime I remembered what I was doing, but felt exhilarated whenever I relaxed and sped down a hill.

With taking Hwy 77 back rather than braving the ever-meltier gravel on the way back, I clocked in 51.2 miles, not bad for a snowy day in February.

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Cornbread has better pictures than I took (and Matt has a nice one on Good Problem), seeing as though I didn’t want to take the G11 out in the snow and muck and my cell phone died right after we got out of town. Here, however, is one Ryan snapped of my hands at the Cortland Cenex. It took a lot of calories just to stay warm, and apparently this didn’t extend to my fingertips. My hands were purple to the knuckle and white to the tips.

Tommy Two-Tone!

One thought on “Gravel Roads + Falling Snow + Jo = My first ride with D Street

  1. Whoa, nice contrast! Gonna get a little geeky here and diagnose Raynaud’s Syndrome. Pretty common actually. I know several people that have that problem.

    Some Lobster claw gloves with warmers should help.

    Great ride on Sunday! Hopefully the weather will cooperate for more this coming weekend.

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