From Pride to Predator

This morning, walking in to work, I saw a woman step nonchalantly a foot out of her way to crush a roach, then pause a half-step back, posing in satisfaction.

Yesterday, Ben told me all about cheeseburgers. He could not eat them; his tongue felt like he imagined it would be like if he had a cat’s tongue.

When I had to do the Gallup StrengthsFinder for work, I found out that I think a lot and that I’m kind of a demanding asshole because of it.

I’m better at admiring romance from afar and in works of fiction than appreciating it in reality. See also: I finished watching Pride and Prejudice with Mathias on Tuesday night. We talked about playing the Pride and Prejudice video game, wherein you are Miss Elizabeth Bennet and you have to keep as far away as possible from Mr. Darcy in any given room. The A and B buttons, when pressed, make you say “vexing” and “insufferable,” respectively. We also discussed the remake, Pride and Predator
, wherein Mr. Darcy is CGI-replaced by the Predator, or wherein there is a full shot-for-shot remake with Mr. Darcy played by the Predator.

The live soundtrack that Man’s Last Great Invention did for Predator was simply fantastic. This will be the start of an ongoing live soundtrack series at Lincoln’s new State Theater. Couches, beers, and movies. Excellent.

I’m heading to New York 2 weeks from today.

My bike, according to FedEx tracking, is in Lincoln.

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